On December 7, 2004 at 2:00 p.m., the patient presented to the ER with grumblings of stomach mischief that had sagaciously exacerbated over a week, epigastric obliteration, left shoulder and midsection torment, astounding, polluting, and differentiated guts. Her fundamental signs on region were pounded 124/64, heart rate 117, temperature 98.7, […]

$1.5 Million Settlement – Bowel Necrosis Caused Death

This case united a 73 year-old lady who kicked the holder from the yearning of fecal material as the completion of an untreated inside check. The misused social event, the decedent’s tyke, affirmed that his mother was known to have a gut get that obliged surgical intervention no short of […]

$2 Million – Bowel Aspiration Death

The ambushed social event’s decedent was a 35 year-old woman who passed on November 6,2003 from a subarachnoid release. At pretty practically 7:23 P.m. on November 5,2003, the patient got together protect vehicle to the Lawrence Memorial Hospital Emergency Department with a skilled onset headache, which she reported as the […]

$3 Million Settlement – Failed To Read CT Scan

The insulted social event is a 76 year-old man who experienced an over the-knee takeoff of his right leg in November 2002. The aggravated social undertaking had a long history of heart issues and diabetes and experienced a left heart catheterization and right and left coronary angiography for midsection torment […]

Leg Amputation – $1 Million Settlement

The pestered social event’s decedent was a 64 year-old lady who passed on 6/12/04 from respiratory issues which the abused get-together bore witness to happened as the choice of a change of Amitriptyline in the decedent’s body. The respondent yielded that the Amitriptyline level was raised however battled that the […]

$1 Million Settlement – Amitriptyline Toxicity Death

The irritated social event is a now 42-year-old woman who bear a hypoglycemic event in 2004 which incited a stretched notability and steady character hurt. On April 15, 2004, the irritated social event was regarded Massachusetts General Hospital for consequence of her hypertension and incredible renal disillusionment. She had a […]

$4 Million Lawsuit For Hypoglycemic Event

The get together of a 40-year-old Hopkinton woman who kicked the can taking after a cycle of trial chemotherapy at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute was regarded what needed that will $13.5 million yesterday by a Suffolk Superior Court jury, as expressed by the family’s veritable cohort. The jury thought for […]

Hospital Death Awarded $13.5 Million

The scratched get-together’s decedent was a 82-year-old woman who passed on January 20, 2002 as the yielded completion of gram-negative sepsis copartner to a stomach divider bug and a myocardial dead tissue in the setting of veritable vascular ruining. Her ulcer and sepsis were the following deferred eventual outcome of […]

$750,000 Settlement – Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

The irritated social occasion’s decedent was a 70 year-old diabetic woman who kicked the dish from sepsis on 11/01/02. The disturbed get-together expressed that the sepsis was the put off completion of the respondent’s bafflement to recognize, diagnose and treat a driving and irritating right heel ulcer that the respondent […]

$900,00 Settlement – Diabetic Wound