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On December 7, 2004 at 2:00 p.m., the patient presented to the ER with grumblings of stomach mischief that had sagaciously exacerbated over a week, epigastric obliteration, left shoulder and midsection torment, astounding, polluting, and differentiated guts. Her fundamental signs on region were pounded 124/64, heart rate 117, temperature 98.7, […]

$1.5 Million Settlement – Bowel Necrosis Caused Death

This case united a 73 year-old lady who kicked the holder from the yearning of fecal material as the completion of an untreated inside check. The misused social event, the decedent’s tyke, affirmed that his mother was known to have a gut get that obliged surgical intervention no short of […]

$2 Million – Bowel Aspiration Death