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The ambushed social event’s decedent was a 35 year-old woman who passed on November 6,2003 from a subarachnoid release. At pretty practically 7:23 P.m. on November 5,2003, the patient got together protect vehicle to the Lawrence Memorial Hospital Emergency Department with a skilled onset headache, which she reported as the […]

$3 Million Settlement – Failed To Read CT Scan

The insulted social event is a 76 year-old man who experienced an over the-knee takeoff of his right leg in November 2002. The aggravated social undertaking had a long history of heart issues and diabetes and experienced a left heart catheterization and right and left coronary angiography for midsection torment […]

Leg Amputation – $1 Million Settlement

The pestered social event’s decedent was a 64 year-old lady who passed on 6/12/04 from respiratory issues which the abused get-together bore witness to happened as the choice of a change of Amitriptyline in the decedent’s body. The respondent yielded that the Amitriptyline level was raised however battled that the […]

$1 Million Settlement – Amitriptyline Toxicity Death

The irritated social event is a now 42-year-old woman who bear a hypoglycemic event in 2004 which incited a stretched notability and steady character hurt. On April 15, 2004, the irritated social event was regarded Massachusetts General Hospital for consequence of her hypertension and incredible renal disillusionment. She had a […]

$4 Million Lawsuit For Hypoglycemic Event

The get together of a 40-year-old Hopkinton woman who kicked the can taking after a cycle of trial chemotherapy at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute was regarded what needed that will $13.5 million yesterday by a Suffolk Superior Court jury, as expressed by the family’s veritable cohort. The jury thought for […]

Hospital Death Awarded $13.5 Million

The scratched get-together’s decedent was a 82-year-old woman who passed on January 20, 2002 as the yielded completion of gram-negative sepsis copartner to a stomach divider bug and a myocardial dead tissue in the setting of veritable vascular ruining. Her ulcer and sepsis were the following deferred eventual outcome of […]

$750,000 Settlement – Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

The irritated social occasion’s decedent was a 70 year-old diabetic woman who kicked the dish from sepsis on 11/01/02. The disturbed get-together expressed that the sepsis was the put off completion of the respondent’s bafflement to recognize, diagnose and treat a driving and irritating right heel ulcer that the respondent […]

$900,00 Settlement – Diabetic Wound

The dissatisfaction of a Concord crisis room master to stabilize an occasion deceived individual before surgery comprehended one of the best jury regards for medicinal shortcoming making in New Hampshire. A Merrimack County Superior Court jury Thursday repaid Randolph Hinz, 42, of Warner, $1.75 million or more about $200,000 on […]

$1.75 Awarded To Blinded Man

A Middlesex County jury yielded $14.5 million yesterday to the social event of a 30-year-old Chelmsford lady who passed on the day taking after thyroid surgery at Brockton Hospital from uncontrolled discharging that the abused get-together’s true partners said started from air trapped in her midriff. Shannyn Macpherson had gone […]

Specialists Discovered Careless In Death

A Middlesex County Superior Court jury has requested two supervisors to pay $4.1 million to the social event of a 31-year-old Lowell lady who kicked the holder taking after a 1999 operation. Get-together of spectators parts requested master Muhammad Akmal Khan of Kittery, Maine, and gynecologist Edward Lipman of Andover […]

$4 Million – Doctor Must Pay