Wrongful Death Suit – $2.5 Million

In one of the best jury verdicts in the Merrimack Valley, the home of a 31-year-old Lowell lady who kicked the compartment in 1999, 19 days in the wake of having surgery to clear ovarian damages, was reimbursed $2.5 million in a wrongful-passing claim against two space aces who performed the surgery.

After a 11-day trial, including three days of ponderings, a Lowell Superior Court jury yesterday uncovered expert Dr. Muhammad Akmal Khan and Dr. Edward Lipman, a gynecologist, and besides Lipman’s practice, Chelmsford Ob-Gyn, P.c., in Chelmsford subject for Bernice Edwards’ passing in June 1999, as expressed by veritable assistant Suzanne Mcdonough, of the Boston law office Lubin & Meyer.

Mcdonough represented the legacy of Bernice Edwards, whose mother, Ruby Edwards, and family, Jesse Roy Edwards, both of Lowell, brought the satisfying racket ensure after Bernice Edwards passed on in the wake of being surrendered to Lowell General Hospital on May 13, 1999, to clear an ovarian sore, Mcdonough said.

While in the vitality’s office, Edwards made pneumonia. Disregarding Edwards’ hurt respiratory construction, Khan and Lipman performed surgery to uproot the headway, Mcdonough said. Edwards kicked the compartment 19 days unavoidably of true blue respiratory weakness syndrome.

Precisely when interfaced for remark, legitimate supporter George E. Wakeman Jr., of Boston, representing Lipman, said, “The case is still open so I can’t remark.”

He didn’t say whether the verdict could be advanced.

Lawful supporter Kenneth Weiss, representing Khan, couldn’t be interfaced for remark.

“This was a gigantic verdict,” said true blue instructor Andrew Meyer, who correspondingly represented the Edwards pack. With wind, the verdict could move to $4.1 million, he said.

Mcdonough said that the case, recorded in 2002, rose up out of the June 6, 1999, passing of Edwards, the mother of a 11-year-old lesser woman, who went into Lowell General Hospital a couple of weeks previous on May 13 to exhaust an ovarian sore. However while in the recovering office, Edwards made pneumonia.

Mcdonough affirms that at trial, the lawyers representing the forces battle that the ovarian issues were raising the pneumonia, so surgery was fundamental despite the way that Edwards had not been a contender for surgery five days previous.

To check before Edwards was taken into the working room, she was offered happened as intended that made her go into respiratory get, Mcdonough battled. Despite that relentless issue, the managers made headway with ahead with the surgery.

Mcdonough battle that while the ovarian issue was updating, individuals with pneumonia who experience surgery run the danger of “getting stuck on a vent,” she said. Edwards’ lungs were so traded off, Mcdonough said, that after the surgery she stayed on a respirator.

Edwards was exchanged from Lowell General Hospital to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, where she passed on 19 days finally later, Mcdonough said.

The jury found that both administrators were impolite and their discourteousness brought on Edwards’ decimation, Mcdonough said.

The jury regarded Edwards’ young woman, Alicea, $2 million, and the home $500,000.

“It identifies with the level of the shocking inadequacy of appreciation,” Mcdonough said of the verdict.

Both masters must report the verdict to the Board of Registration in Medicine, which is interested in people when all is said in done.

While Edwards’ little girl is presently made, Mcdonough said the cash will never swap a mother who kicked the can preposterously lesser.

“There is an opening that fundamentally can’t be filled,” she said.

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