The dissatisfaction of a Concord crisis room master to stabilize an occasion deceived individual before surgery comprehended one of the best jury regards for medicinal shortcoming making in New Hampshire. A Merrimack County Superior Court jury Thursday repaid Randolph Hinz, 42, of Warner, $1.75 million or more about $200,000 on […]

$1.75 Awarded To Blinded Man

A Middlesex County jury yielded $14.5 million yesterday to the social event of a 30-year-old Chelmsford lady who passed on the day taking after thyroid surgery at Brockton Hospital from uncontrolled discharging that the abused get-together’s true partners said started from air trapped in her midriff. Shannyn Macpherson had gone […]

Specialists Discovered Careless In Death

A Middlesex County Superior Court jury has requested two supervisors to pay $4.1 million to the social event of a 31-year-old Lowell lady who kicked the holder taking after a 1999 operation. Get-together of spectators parts requested master Muhammad Akmal Khan of Kittery, Maine, and gynecologist Edward Lipman of Andover […]

$4 Million – Doctor Must Pay

In one of the best jury verdicts in the Merrimack Valley, the home of a 31-year-old Lowell lady who kicked the compartment in 1999, 19 days in the wake of having surgery to clear ovarian damages, was reimbursed $2.5 million in a wrongful-passing claim against two space aces who performed […]

Wrongful Death Suit – $2.5 Million

The ill-used social occasion’s decedent presented to the Hospital Emergency Department on February 7, 2000 with dissentions of a predictable occipital cerebral ache of three weeks compass with blurry vision. All around this evaluation, a CT degree of the cerebrum was gotten and reported as unremarkable. She was given Fioricet […]

$1.9 Million On Wrongful Death

In November of 1998, the bothered social occasion was a sound 35 year-old man with no fundamental past medicinal history. By then in time, the chafed social event started treating with a vitality for protestations of neck throb and right upper most urging deadness. The pitfell social occasion reported that […]

Back Surgery – $3.5 Million Settlement

The annoyed get-together is a 83 year old with a past obliging history of wearisome open point glaucoma and waterfalls. On September 10, 2002, she woke up and couldn’t see out of her got out eye. She went to see the respondent ophthalmologist who recorded that the scratched get-together had […]

Blindness – $1 Million Settlement

A Middlesex Superior Court jury respected a Townsend lady $4.5 million yesterday in the wake of revealing a radiologist answerable for an one year concede in diagnosing her midsection suffering. Kenneth Miller, a radiologist at the Fallon Clinic in Worcester, ran over a thickness in a mammogram performed on Donna […]

Diagnosis Error Was Awarded for $4.5 Million